This is little Hadley, just 5 days new!  Brand new babies are so cute and soft and squishy – we just love them!  Although Hadley looks pretty sleepy in these pictures, that definitely wasn’t the case for most of the session.  And she definitely holds the title now for the most poop/pee/puke/etc.  Who knew that one little baby could make so much mess?!  Oh well – the pictures that we were able to get make all of that gross stuff totally worth it.

Congratulations Josh & Carla – you two are going to be amazing parents!  We wish you all the best!


Holy!  Shayna is possibly one of the most gorgeous girls ever!  And can you believe that she is only 15 years old?!  Shayna is an incredibly talented dancer and wanted some shots in her new pointe shoes.  We had lots of fun making her jump and bend and show off her stuff – and had lots of laughs while we tried to do some of the moves too.  We didn’t look nearly as graceful or lovely.  Thanks so much for the fun times Shayna – you are beautiful!

Oliverson Family

Another fun session at the farm – this place really is a favorite with our clients.  And we love it too!  There are so many neat places to take pictures at.  We had lots of fun with the Oliverson’s – and their little boys are super cute!  Grandma and the other grandkids came along as well for a few pictures.  It’s always a good time trying to get so many little kids to cooperate and look at the camera for a few seconds.

Troy & Janae

You know those people who NEVER look bad in a photo – Janae is one of them.  And even at 7 months pregnant she still looks gorgeous!  Some people are so lucky!  Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy – can’t wait to meet your beautiful baby girl!


Graduation is such a fun and exciting time.  It seems like it wasn’t that long ago that we were graduating……..unfortunately it was though!  Oh well – with age comes more wrinkles, more rolls, more bills……….more wisdom!  :0)  haha!

Anyways, take a look at Shelby – doesn’t she look fantastic?!  Her grad dress was so super cute and she definitely knew how to rock it!  And we can’t get over her beautiful red hair and sparkly eyes – she is one lucky girl!!  Shelby is getting ready to move off and face the big wide world on her own – and we know that she will be great!  Congrats again!!